What to Watch on Sunday: ‘Battle Creek’ tops new Sunday debuts

Dean Winters (left) as Det. Russ Agnew and Josh Duhamel as Special Agent Milton Chamberlain in the new CBS show “Battle Creek.”
Dean Winters (left) as Det. Russ Agnew and Josh Duhamel as Special Agent Milton Chamberlain in the new CBS show “Battle Creek.” CBS
Battle Creek (10 p.m., CBS) Dean Winters Josh Duhamel

Also on tonight . . .

The Great British Baking Show (8 p.m., UNC-TV)Vivian Howard of “A Chef’s Life” and Kinston’s Chef and the Farmer restaurant, guest stars on the first season finale.

Secrets and Lies (9 p.m., ABC) – In this new drama, Ryan Phillippe stars as a man suspected of murdering his neighbor’s young son after he discovers the body while jogging alone in the woods. Exactly why the detective investigating the case – stiffly and creepily played by Juliette Lewis – focuses on him to the exclusion of other credible suspects isn’t made clear in the first two hours of Sunday’s debut. The show’s premise doesn’t pay off very much in the first two hours, either. I enjoyed the first episode, but the second hour had me ready to bail.

Last Man on Earth (9 p.m., Fox) – In this new sitcom, Will Forte plays Phil Miller – the last man on earth – after a virus obliterates humanity. Phil travels across North America in his RV looking for survivors – and looting museums – then returns to Tucson to adjust to his indulgent but oh-so-sad life alone. Except it turns out he’s not alone. God answers his prayers for a woman by sending him Kristen Schaal, the naggy Eve to his caveman Adam. If you can get through the depressing first half, there are a few laughs in the second episode at 9:30.

Downton Abbey (9 p.m., UNC-TV) – In the Season 5 finale, the Crawleys are invited by Lord Sinderby to a shooting party in Northumberland. Later, they return to Downton and celebrate Christmas.

It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports (9 p.m., ESPN) – This series of short films includes the story of Duke students who stole a jersey from the UNC rafters, and a chat with a prolific streaker.

The Good Wife (9 p.m., CBS) – “The Good Wife” returns after a break, with Diane and Cary representing Colin Sweeney when he accuses a TV producer of basing an unflattering character and show on him.

The Walking Dead (9 p.m., AMC) – The group has a hard time adjusting in their new community.