What to Watch on Friday: ‘20/20’ airs special on Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher

Debbie Reynolds, left, and Carrie Fisher in 2003.
Debbie Reynolds, left, and Carrie Fisher in 2003. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Debbie and Carrie: Heartbreak in Hollywood (10 p.m., ABC) – The “20/20” news magazine airs this special anchored by Elizabeth Vargas, looking at the lives and careers of both women, and also their “loving, yet complex relationship.” (Note: HBO airs Carrie Fisher’s “Wishful Drinking” stage show on Sunday.)

Also on tonight . . .

Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End (9 p.m., History) – Oh, this sounds like fun. Consider rogue aliens launching a surprise attack on earth. Or maybe there’s a cascade of weather catastrophes, like super storms and wildfires?

Gold Rush (9 p.m., Discovery) – With no paycheck for five weeks, Todd Hoffman’s close-knit team members turn on each other. Also, Parker’s gamble to run his wash plant without protection from rocks proves costly.

Paranormal Lockdown (9 p.m., TLC) – Nick and Katrina visit a historic manor in Middlebrow, Mass., to determine if it’s unsafe for tourists. While there, Katrina investigates hauntings beyond the house, and activity hits too close to home for Nick.

The Truth is Stranger Than Florida (10 p.m., Investigation ID) – In the season finale, the residents of Anna Maria Island are rocked when a popular hotel owner disappears.