What to Watch on Saturday: Fisher-Reynolds documentary on HBO

(L-R): Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and Todd Fisher.
(L-R): Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and Todd Fisher. Fisher Family Archives/courtesy of HBO

Bright Lights (8 p.m., HBO) – HBO moved up the release of this documentary after the sudden deaths of Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, just one day apart. The new documentary is a look inside the lives of Fisher and Reynolds, who lived next door to each other in a sort of compound. Directed by Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens, the funny and poignant film features vintage home movies that bring iconic old-world Hollywood to life, as well as extensive vérité footage. The film has received audience and critical acclaim at many prestigious film festivals, including the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, the Telluride Film Festival and the New York Film Festival.

Also on tonight . . .

This is Us (1 p.m., USA) – If you haven’t seen the new NBC hit drama “This is Us,” USA has a marathon of all episodes to date, starting today at 1 p.m. Do yourself a favor and dive in.

Under the Bed (8 p.m., Lifetime) – In this movie, an obsessed stalker befriends a despondent woman on social media and then lives in her home, hiding under her bed. Sleep tight, everybody!

Love on Ice (9 p.m., Hallmark) – Less scary: a former figure skater gets a chance to reclaim glory when a young coach sees greatness in her.

The Guardians (10 p.m., Animal Planet) – In this new series, animal welfare investigators help animals in need. Tonight, they seek to unmask a “puppy flipper” and look for a dog in a mechanic’s hoard.