Eden Sher’s new Disney character is a different kind of princess

Actress Eden Sher
Actress Eden Sher GETTY

The young princess characters in Disney animated films and TV shows are generally a rather conservative and quiet group. You’re not going to find Sofia the First speeding around the kingdom on a sugar rush.

Star Butterfly is about to change all that. And she’ll do it with help from “The Middle” star Eden Sher.

The latest princess in the Disney universe debuts on the new Disney XD animated series “Star vs. The Forces of Evil.” There’s nothing laid-back or demure about the latest addition to the Disney princess world.

“When I heard about the role, I thought about the princess formula where a lot of times they just sit and look pretty. That gave me pause,” Sher says. “Then I found out that this was going to be a fierce Disney princess. I knew I wanted to do it, because she would become the new model for what girls can be.”

The character is a pretty kick-asterisk role model. After a few mishaps on her home world, the exuberant Star Butterfly is sent by her Royal Parents to live with the Diaz family on Earth. With the Diaz’s teenage son Marco by her side, this very alien exchange student spends her days battling villains throughout the multiverse and trying to deal with the even more dangerous world of high school.

Playing a character who is one excited moment away from a stroke is nothing new for Sher. On “The Middle,” her Sue Heck also has boundless energy that often leads to misadventures.

The world of voice work is relatively new to the Los Angeles native.

“It’s way more challenging because on the set there are other actors. No one teaches you in acting class about acting when there is no one else with you,” Sher says. “But, doing the work by myself ends up being a good lesson in focus.”

It’s probably also a little safer for her fellow actors (including Adam McArthur, Alan Tudyk, Nia Vardalos and Artt Butler), since Sher doesn’t hold back once she’s behind the microphone.

The 23-year-old Sher has been acting since she was 8, performing in school plays, local theater, commercials, TV shows and films. Her credits include “Sons & Daughters,” “Party Down” and “Weeds.”

Sher’s not following a traditional acting path. Along with her work on the two TV shows, Sher has created, a site dedicated to the creation of words for complex feelings that have not yet been discovered.