What to Watch on Wednesday: ‘AGT’ winner named, ‘American Horror Story’ goes to camp

America’s Got Talent (8 p.m., NBC) - A winner is announced tonight, so we’ll see if our Raleigh natives — Tyler Butler-Figueroa or Christal Sanders Rheams (with Voices of Service — get the top prize.

Country Music (8 p.m. and 10 p.m., PBS / UNC-TV) - Tonight we get Part 4 of documentary filmmaking master Ken Burns’ 8-part chronicle of the history of country music and its evolution over the course of the 20th Century. The series explores the American art form from its roots in ballads, hymns and the blues to its mainstream popularity. Burns uses never-before-seen footage and photographs, plus interviews with more than 80 country music artists to tell his story. The fourth episode is called “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and visits Memphis during the age of rockabilly with Sun Studios artists Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Also tonight, Ray Charles crosses over racial borders by recording a country album, and Patsy Cline rises to stardom with a smooth new sound. More installments air Sunday, Sept. 22 through Wednesday, Sept. 25.

American Horror Story: 1984 (10 p.m., FX) - Creator Ryan Murphy is usually secretive about upcoming seasons of AHS, but it’s painfully clear from the trailer that this one takes us to a “Friday the 13th”-style camp for some good ole 1980s horror. (I say “painfully” because the “80s teen-horror” genre scares me to death.) The season follows a group of young Camp Redwood counselors, may they rest in peace, as they are tormented by a killer named Mr. Jingles who has escaped from a nearby mental hospital. The cast this season includes Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, John Carroll Lynch and Matthew Morrison.

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