What to Watch on Sunday: Season 2 finale of ‘True Detective’

Rachel McAdams (left) and Colin Farrell in HBO’s “True Detective.”
Rachel McAdams (left) and Colin Farrell in HBO’s “True Detective.” HBO

True Detective (9 p.m., HBO) – Even though some tell me this season got better after the nearly unbearable first four or five (of the season’s eight) episodes, the term “put out of its misery” definitely comes to mind with tonight’s finale. Still, ratings have been good and HBO president Michael Lombardo seemed to stand behind the season at last week’s TCA press event, saying if the show’s creator Nic Pizzolatto wants to do a third installment, HBO is game. But for now, the finale promises to tie up loose ends and give viewers closure. It’ll run long, though: 87 minutes.

Also on . . .

NC Bookwatch (Noon, UNC-TV) – Author Sheila Kay Adams talks to host D.G. Martin about her book, “My Old True Love.”

NFL Hall of Fame Game (8 p.m., NBC) – NBC abruptly canceled “Welcome to Sweden” and pulled it from the schedule last Sunday, so there’ll be no more of that! A worthy consolation prize is this annual Hall of Fame Game featuring a Minnesota (which is kind of Sweden-ish, right?) vs. Pittsburgh match-up.

Who Do You Think You Are? (9 p.m., TLC) – Actress Alfre Woodard researches her grandfather’s roots and discovers a relative who endured a horrifying period of American history, but still managed to accomplish an extraordinary feat.

Falling Skies (10 p.m., TNT) – The 2nd Mass arrives at a functional military base run by Weaver’s former flame. Also, the two groups make plans for the final assault on the Espheni.

Masters of Sex (10 p.m., Showtime) – Virginia’s parents arrive unannounced, and Masters takes on a promising patient.