What to Watch on Wednesday: New nature series on high-flying animals

BBC/Simon Bell

SuperNature: Wild Flyers (8 p.m., UNC-TV) – A new nature series that explains the basic principles of flight and how animals become airborne. From leapers to gliders and those that effortlessly fly, each creature has special techniques. But all must overcome a powerful force – gravity.

Wayward Pines (9 p.m., Fox) – Teresa is in grave danger when the Abbies attack CJ and the harvesters, leaving the town low on food supplies.

American Gothic (10 p.m., CBS) – There’s a death in the Hawthorne family. Meanwhile, Cam, Tessa and Alison look for an explanation for the silver bells they found. As always, hide your cats.

9 Months That Made You (10 p.m., UNC-TV) – This new three-part series chronicles human gestation, starting with an explanation of how a fertilized egg acquires individual traits.

Greenleaf (10 p.m., OWN) – When the mayor cashes in a favor, the Bishop is left in a tough spot that could split the church.