What to Watch on Saturday: Lifetime movie inspired by S.C. ghost

Lexi Giovagnolia as Julia McCoy in “Honeymoon From Hell.”
Lexi Giovagnolia as Julia McCoy in “Honeymoon From Hell.” LIFETIME

Honeymoon from Hell (8 p.m., Lifetime) – This Lifetime movie is kinda/sorta inspired by the true story of Alice Flagg, a well-known ghost in Charleston, S.C. The plot of the movie: While on their honeymoon at a remote bed & breakfast in South Carolina, newlyweds Julia and Rivers McCoy learn about the legend of Alice Flagg – a bit of old local folklore about the spirit of a bride who haunts those who disrupt her grave. When Julia starts having nightmares about Alice Flagg, she begs Rivers to take her home – but he assures her it is just a fable and all will be okay. With a severe hurricane threatening the area, they become stranded at the hotel. When things start to spin out of control, Julia’s deepest fears seem all too valid.

Angel From Hell (8 p.m., CBS) – Allison reveals how stressful Thanksgiving has become since the death of her mother, so Amy suggests an alternative with games and nontraditional food. In a second episode, Allison helps Amy find a job when she can’t pay her rent.

Hello World! (8 p.m., Discovery) – A Steven Tyler song is the backdrop for a look at how North American critters (like the prairie dog) spend their summers. At 8:30, Ellie Goulding provides the music for a piece on how far animals go to attract a mate.

The American West (10 p.m., AMC) – Jesse James resurfaces after years of hiding, and Billy the Kid avenges the death of his friend.