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4 Charlotteans tell us their fashion game-changers

If you picked one thing from your fashion past that made your life better, what would it be?

We wrote about three in January, and asked Charlotteans to reveal their game changers. Here are more for our ongoing collection – and yours. (Tell us what was a game changer for you by emailing; we’ll share your suggestions with readers, and may ask you to come in for a photo.)

APPAREL: Easy does it

In 2003, I discovered Rachel Pally’s “Caftan” dress. Most of her clothing is made of modal jersey that’s super soft, and has an incredible stretch. The dress comes in short, long and very long (to the floor), and she offers different colors every season – basics and trends. The cut never changes and it flatters every body type, it packs great, and it could not be more comfortable. You can dress it up with a great necklace and shoes, or throw it on with flip-flops and go to the beach.

About $150-$300 at the Rachel Pally Official Store; they sometimes appear on for $69 and up.

EYES: Getting a lid on errant shadow

When I asked Google for help with a daily nuisance in my makeup routine, it led me to the solution – Silcopad Makeup Pads. The problem was that the eye shadow I applied to my upper eyelid used to fall into my lower lid area. I would try to clean it with a soft cloth. I also tried using compact eye shadows instead of loose powder. Then I bought a lower eyelid protector with a handle. I even used a Post-It to cover my lower eyelid! But none of these solved the problem. Finally I found the Silcopad Makeup Pads, which are made from silicon. I place them on my lower eyelid while I’m applying my eye shadow. They attach to the skin, creating a shield to protect my lower eyelids by picking up all the bits of eye shadow that fall. I bought them online through PremierLash for $24.99 for a set of two (one for each eye) plus shipping and handling. This might sound expensive, but they are well worth the cost because they are reusable (up to 100 times, according to the manufacturer). Every morning after I use them, I clean them with makeup remover and put them back in their container. With this miracle beauty aid, my eye makeup has never looked better.

About $23;

LIPS: Finding the first to last

That’s the tagline of a lipstick that is a game changer for me. It’s true! It lasts! My good friend Lynn Tucker first told me about this product that fascinates me while it fulfills its promise. L’Paige color-changing lipsticks are formulated to work with your body chemistry and they stay on for HOURS! I was very skeptical when I first tried this lipstick that in the tube was dark navy blue, but on me it suddenly became a vibrant fuchsia. The pure white became a lovely rose shade. The bright yellow becomes coral, the dark green turns a lovely pink, and so on. I am a dedicated fan now and I have put their staying power to the test. Through long meetings, luncheons and dinners where I sometimes have to speak, the color is still there many hours later and, to my delight, it doesn’t bleed, a major problem with many lip products on us women of a certain age. I use these lipsticks as a base color and then use other favorite lipsticks or glosses in the same color family over them, but that’s just me who likes to match everything. With aloe vera and sunscreen, they even feel good. And I am happy to say, none of their products are tested on animals. I order the lipstick online from their Dallas-based company: They are $14 each. And no, I have no investment or financial gain from this company. I wish I did!

SKIN: Striking it rich with oils

Facial oils are one of my absolute favorite beauty discoveries. I have combination skin and I used to (mistakenly) think that meant I should avoid all products that contain oils. Not so.

Here’s the truth: Facial oils are typically pure plant oil blends and sink deep into your skin. That means you can see the effects quickly, which is great. They’re also good for all skin types – even oily or combination skin. (I promise.) Ideally, I look for a lightweight facial oil blend that contains something like tea tree oil (to refine pores and combat blemishes) and rose hip oil or evening primrose oil (to moisturize and soothe) and something like lavender or lemongrass for their aromatherapy qualities. I’m a fan of Rosehip Oil by Aura Cacia and Pacific Face Oil by True Nature Botanicals.

Rosehip oil by Aura Cacia $12.99 at Ecolicious: 1916 Commonwealth Ave. in Charlotte;; Pacific Face Oil $110,