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Hope Dana Cope finds a good surgeon to extract his hand from that cookie jar.

The only appropriate gift to a Council member is a vote.

Wonder if that unopened I-485 lane is just as uneven as the rest of them?

Sen. Rucho is determined N.C. will be No. 1 in something, but why state gas tax?

You’ll weigh my trash, but I can’t know who you’re meeting with?

Wonder how much that non-trial cost us?

This time Brian Williams really did crash and burn.

Brian’s memoir: Fifty One Shades of Gray?

Mr. President, why tell the enemy what you won’t do?

Pursue world peace – put women in charge!

Home Depot is hiring. Hope they open a second cash register.

No need for Whole Foods to build a store. The NASCAR Hall is mostly empty.

Dress the way you want, but tinkle where God designed you to.

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