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York County planners want input on how land is used

County planners want to hear what residents have to say about residential land use, building density and transportation.

“With the increased development activity the county has experienced over the past few years, staff is looking to reach out to the residents, developers, builders, design professionals,” said David Larson, assistant county manager.

Public input will help county planning and development services staff amend and improve ordinances related to land use planning.

Public meetings will be held Feb. 23 in Rock Hill, March 5 in Lake Wylie and March 9 in Fort Mill. All meetings are 5-7 p.m. The Lake Wylie and Fort Mill events will be held at their respective public libraries. The Rock Hill meeting is at the county government complex on Heckle Boulevard.

Meeting locations aren’t accidental. Fort Mill and Lake Wylie are two of the fastest growing areas in the region. Fort Mill is floating the idea of impact fees within town limits to help pay for growth. Lake Wylie residents inundated York County Council last year with requests to limit residential growth along the lake, prompting further study.

“Staff decided it would be beneficial to hold meetings in these areas for the potential to receive greater input,” Larson said.

Lake Wylie resident Allison Love was one of many to press Council last year on the type and pace of development.

“It is totally unmanaged,” she said. “There are a lot of neighborhoods coming in that are out of context for our area.”

Love is now part of a committee affiliated with the upcoming meetings.

“We want to get as much public opinion as we can so we can make decisions that will better York County,” she said.

Love sees potential in the public input sessions. Where last year a large group of people lobbied for a relatively small area in properties surrounding the lake, the upcoming meetings will have a broader focus.

“It’s not just the lake,” Love said. “It’s everything York County.”