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Concord pediatrician changing from male to female

Concord pediatrician Hal Levin has notified patients he is “going through a gender transition” and, after taking some time off, he will return to work March 23 as Dr. Laura Levin.

In a letter dated Feb. 4, Levin, who has worked at Piedmont Pediatrics for 20 years, said the change will mean he can “begin living my life more authentically as Laura Levin, a transgender woman.”

Carolinas HealthCare System, which owns the Concord practice, also sent letters to patients explaining the change and expressing support for Levin, the group’s medical director.

“We can assure you that Dr. Levin will continue to practice medicine in a way that supports Carolinas HealthCare System’s mission and core values…(The system) promotes an environment where differences are valued and integrated into our workforce. Our culture of inclusion and respect allows us to achieve our goals and deliver the best possible experience to the patients and communities we serve.”

Through a Carolinas HealthCare spokesman, Levin declined the Observer’s request for an interview.

In his letter, Levin explained that “a transgender or transsexual person is a normal, healthy person whose gender identity does not match their physical gender… I want to assure you that the only thing changing about me is my appearance.”

“When I return to the practice in March, I hope you will see that I am the same person at my core that I have always been – a physician who cares deeply about patients, who provides compassionate, excellent care, and who is committed to patients’ well-being and health. Being a woman does not define me. It just happens to be a part of who I am that will now be visible to everyone else.”

Levin will be available over the next three weeks to meet with his patients’ parents and guardians who have questions. “I know this may be difficult to accept, and you may be concerned with how to talk to your children about this transition,” he wrote. “I understand those feelings; please be assured that I am prepared to help with them.”

To schedule a visit: 704-355-8363.