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How to make your home appeal to potential buyers

If you’re thinking about selling your house this summer, now’s the time to get ready for the showings. You don’t have to do a major remodel to make your house attractive. Simple updates and minor changes can make it more appealing. Plus, by planning ahead, your house will be in ready when it’s prime selling season.

What buyers want

Without a doubt, buyers are looking for houses that are as close to move-in ready as possible. That means having major renovations in the master bathroom or kitchen completed.

Too often, though, house sellers will update a kitchen but not the rest of the house. That creates a disconnect when a buyer comes to view the house, making the rest of the house stand out in a bad way rather than the kitchen standing out in a good way. Instead of a major remodel, consider minor all-over changes so the whole house looks good with no disconnect.

Light and bright

For instance, you can repaint dark kitchen cabinets, update appliances and replace countertops for a fraction of a complete tear-out. Today’s homebuyers are looking for a house that has plenty of light and feels open.

By painting the house a light neutral color throughout, it will appear fresh and bright. The single color creates a more open feel, too. Give dark woodwork and built-ins a coat of white paint to lighten the look and create a bright, unified space.

Easy updates

One of the fastest ways to update your house is to replace lighting. Outdated porch lights, bathroom fixtures and fluorescent light boxes can date a house and make its appeal go off like a light switch. Swap fluorescent light boxes for recessed cans or updated pendant fixtures.

New porch lights will add to curb appeal, and bathroom fixtures will bring the look of your bath up a notch. Swap out old shower doors with a shower curtain to open up the bathroom.

Separation anxiety

Wide-open space is what most homebuyers want today. But a common deal breaker for homebuyers is the separated room. Whether it’s a half wall from the 1970s or an upper cabinet that blocks the view from the family room to the kitchen, these can cause buyers to avoid your house.

Fortunately, it’s not too costly to take out the divider and open up the room. In the end, potential homebuyers will appreciate the open look of your home instead of feeling boxed in.

Last touches

This is also the prime time to depersonalize your home and de-clutter. Invest in a storage space to start packing up the contents of closets so they’ll look larger.

Don’t forget to create curb appeal in front of your home. Investing in landscaping and sprucing up the exterior in other ways will make potential buyers want to see inside.

If you’re not sure what to tackle first, contact a local home stager before the for sale sign goes up in the yard. Ask the stager for a checklist of items that could make your house appealing to buyers.