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Work This Way: How Sharon Holm gets ahead

Sharon Holm says her work lives have taken her all over: from Hong Kong, where she worked as a corporate technology consultant, to Denmark for a global marketing gig at a company, with a stop in the south of Spain to run a restaurant.

Her worldly perspective benefits her in her role as marketing manager at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture.

“My mindset is global and I am able to think outside the box,” says Holm, who is 47 and has been in her job for three years. She uses that perspective to create marketing and public relations strategies for sponsors, speakers, artists and their exhibits.

Holm credits her dual degree from Syracuse University in managerial information systems and marketing with giving her chances to travel, and adapt quickly. Her days have taken her from being in the office working on social media and projects, to being out and about at center events featuring journalist Soledad O’Brien and hip-hop artist Common. “There’s a lot of positive energy going around.”

Here’s a closer look at how she works:

Daily dose: Holm meditates after her son goes to school. She’ll read from her cover-worn inspirational journals, and tap the Daily Word phone app, described as “Inspiration on the Go.”

Not always at her fingers: During these quiet times, she limits her use of her Samsung Galaxy. “I don’t find myself waking up in the morning, switching on my phone and checking emails. I probably used to be like that.”

Work commute: She takes the express bus from Huntersville, racks her bike and pedals in from the Transportation Center. Holm uses this bike time to help mentally organize her day.

Useful tools: Instagram for personal and work use, LinkedIn, Hootsuite Social Media Management and the GoToMeeting app for conference calls.

Getting the word out: There’s a Gantt Center mobile app, as well as a Facebook page that has more than 12,000 likes: “What’s interesting about that is that it’s all over the world.”

Favorite offsite meeting place: Amelie’s in NoDa: “You have the business suit guy, the musician in a band, the ballet dancer. They all come together and the energy is great.”

What colleagues may not know: This self-described fitness fanatic is licensed to teach Zumba. “People who see my dancing at certain events at the Gantt, they probably have a clue.”