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Who needs the NSA when you have Samsung?

Gas tax cut would force layoff of 500 at NCDOT? Way to go, job creators!

Obama’s pitch for war was very Bush-like.

Iran negotiations: Ditch the “four-corners” and start the shot clock.

No amount of media lipstick can make Jeb a moderate.

Hear Islamist extremism. See Islamist extremism. Speak “violent” extremism.

Where have all the Blue Dogs gone?

The new American Dream: Buy a lottery ticket.

Children on playgrounds seem to know right from wrong better than politicians.

Politicians know right from wrong, they just don’t think it applies to them.

CHS, SEANC, Elevation... A lot of profitin’ from non-profitin’ goin’ on ‘round here.

Tiger didn’t leave the game, the game took a leave of him.

Anyone who thinks women are the key to world peace has never worked in a call center.

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