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Forget Waldo, where’s Hillary?

Jeb is so liberal he’s bumping into Hillary at every turn.

Hey Sports Illustrated, when you publish a men’s swimsuit issue I might renew my subscription!

Moved from Dilworth to the ‘burbs – where there’s no worry about big trees.

Myth: Expensive public education can offset bad parenting.

So N.C. lawmakers basically voted themselves an open checkbook on gas taxes?

The legislature was against the tax before they are for it.

How ’bout putting this on social media: # All Lives Matter!

If a half-truth is a lie, then shouldn’t all the network anchors be suspended?

Too bad Brian isn’t in the NFL. His suspension would include pay.

Dear Mother Nature: Make up your mind.

Oh no, Panthers! You too?

The most useless endeavor known to mankind: having to rake gumballs that are not yours.

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