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Tree hits room where kids had been playing video games

Strong wind gusts pushed a tree onto a house in east Charlotte early Sunday, just minutes after a worried man told his great-grandchildren to come out of the room where the tree landed.

The incident happened about midnight Sunday, when Charlotte saw strong wind gusts that knocked out power to 1,570 homes in Mecklenburg County.

On Middlebury Place, as strong winds swirled outside, Evert Moore’s great-grandchildren were up late playing video games.

But the wind worried Moore, 80. At one point, he said, he went outside and looked anxiously at the large pine tree swaying near the boys’ bedroom. Later, he said, he called the boys into his room, which doesn’t have windows facing trees.

Shortly after that, he heard a boom and a crack.

“It was like a bomb exploding with a big boom, and there was a cracking sound,” he said.

The tree landed against the house but didn’t go into the room.

“It was a miracle it didn’t hit the house full force because if it did, it would have killed all of us,” he said.