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Roundup of winter weather forecast

Forecasts call for a winter storm to sweep into Charlotte Monday and include the potential for dreaded doses of ice that could cause widespread power outages. The number to watch: ice accumulations that hit the 0.25-inch mark. That’s when the potential for downed tree limbs and power lines becomes a lot more serious.

What to expect Monday

Mid-morning: There could be flurries throughout Mecklenburg County.

Afternoon: A mix of snow and sleet.

Evening: A mix of snow and freezing rain, with ice beginning to accumulate.

What to expect Tuesday

Morning: Sleet, icy roads.

Midday: Sleet and snow.

Afternoon: No precipitation, temperatures above freezing.

Snow and ice predictions

Recalling the 2002 ice storm

Many Charlotte area residents still shudder when they re-live the December 2002 ice storm that cut power to nearly 2 million homes and businesses across the state. Thousands shivered inside darkened homes for days as crews struggled to restore power. In that storm, the Charlotte area received between a half and three-quarters inch of ice – far more than what’s forecast for this storm.

Reporting icy roads

Crews have brined interstates and main arteries in Charlotte to improve driving conditions. Residents can report icy road conditions by calling CharMeck 311. Reports of routine icing on city streets can be called in to 704-336-3200. Emergencies and accidents should be called in to 911.

Duke Power Outages

To report an outage, call 1-800-PowerOn (800-769-3766). To see where there are power outages:

Elisabeth Arriero