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Gorgeous green and copper bugs

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's June beetles.

Hundreds of them ascended on my Weddington front yard recently while I was milling around with the dogs.

The gorgeous green and copper bugs fly during the day, buzzing loudly.

I quickly went on the computer to find out what brought these iridescent bugs in droves. Their look is similar to Japanese beetles, but they are about four times larger, about an inch in size. They use their legs to dig in the ground and deposit eggs.

The grubs eat grass roots and are sometimes a problem in pastures and heavily manured fields. Adults feed on fruits such as grapes and blackberries and can pose a problem to fruit trees and vines. Recent rain may have contributed to all the activity at my house.

Green June beetles do little harm to plants and no harm to people, they can even be held in your hand. Pesticides can be used to deter them, but will often kill honey bees as well and your pets and children must stay off the lawn for an extended period. The beetles will decline in two weeks and be a distant memory after three to four weeks.

For more information visit the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service at

Check your hires at home

My Weddington neighbor approached me last week with an idea for this column. He said a registered sex offender started a business similar to his and used his logo. The convicted offender then passed out flyers and took a dog with him to lure kids to his truck, according to a York, S.C. newspaper.

The point of the story: Know who you hire in your home.

Check if the business is licensed, insured and bonded. Ask for a list of the people who will be working in your home if you are hiring more than one contractor.

Ask if they do background checks on employees, or do your own.

And I'm sure this goes without saying, but never leave your child unattended in a room or outside with a worker.

Unfortunately there are people in Union County with dark pasts. Don't hesitate to employ this useful Web site to check in your area:

Contact town hall

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