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The wildness starts early at Socialympics

Lazy Day and Rock House Events have hosted Socialympics on Lake Norman for the past four years. Described as a cross between Will Ferrell's “Old School” and the Greek Week events of “Revenge of the Nerds,” teams of 8 to 10 compete against each other in such games as flip cup, beer pong, dizzy bat race and, the crowd favorite, the Bacardi Bathing Suit Swap.

I decided to check out the madness at Midtown Sundries on Saturday, July 12.

My first mistake may have been waiting until 3:30 to arrive. Contestants had been drinking since 11 a.m. Couple that with the sun and people were practically delirious.

In 10 minutes, I witnessed:

A girl pull her bikini bottoms down to moon her beer pong opponents.

A girl, with the help of a female teammate, push her rather large breasts together to distract her male beer pong opponents.

And a guy walking around with a mildly offensive message to women on his back.

In short, if you feel like reliving your wild college years, sign up for next year's games.

Sunset Club rumors

The Sunset Club in South End is under renovation as its owners update the interior design and sound system. But it seems a rumor about its private status keeps popping up and needs to be dispelled.

Sunset Club is not going to go back to its “members only” days, GM Krystie Phannareth assures me. Obviously, it's still a private club (as are all N.C. bars that don't serve food), so you have to either be a member or a guest of a member to get in, but it won't be entirely exclusive.