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‘Knight' takes Batman saga deeper, darker

At the MTV Movie Awards, a faux “viral video” was shown with Robert Downey Jr. meeting a sullen teenager who had seen “ Iron Man” three times.

Downey is elated until the pudgy kid gives his review: “It'll do until ‘ Dark Knight' comes out.”

That sums up the intensity of genre fans who are treating the Christopher Nolan franchise as the most astute comic-book adaptation to date, or at least a contender for that title with Sam Raimi's Spider-Man” and Bryan Singer's X-Men.”

The Appeal

Batman Begins” took the familiar legend but rooted it in a more realistic Gotham than Tim Burton ever presented and, in many ways, its nihilism pulls as much from Don Siegel's Dirty Harry” and Martin Scorsese'sTaxi Driver” as it does any Saturday morning cartoon.

What We Know

Plot security was super-tight. A major character is murdered. There's a new political force in Harvey “Two-Face” Dent, a crusading prosecutor ( Aaron Eckhart), and a deranged new criminal in Heath Ledger's mysterious Joker.

Batman, meanwhile, is ready to hang up his cowl after watching the distorted shadows cast by his growing street legend.

Geoff Boucher, Los Angeles Times