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Sam and Priscilla Waymouth

The trumpet brought Sam and Priscilla together in 7th-grade band in New Milford, Conn., in 1969. But it took 38 years for them to tie the knot.

The better player: I remember first seeing the shiny trumpet Sam held in his hand. I played trumpet, too, and was afraid he would play so much better than I. After all, he was a boy, and not many girls played the trumpet in 1969. We sat next to each other during band for most of our school years, but I was the one who played better.

The reunion: All through high school I thought Sam was such a great guy, but not my type. I thought he'd make some woman a great husband. We went to different colleges, married different people and didn't see each other until our 25th high school reunion. We were both divorced by then – Sam living in Charlotte and I in Milwaukee. We hit it off immediately.

The first love: After numerous e-mails and phone calls, Sam flew to Milwaukee for a visit and we started a long-distance relationship. I moved to Charlotte, we broke up, then got back together and finally married in May 2007. We continue to pursue our first love, music. I play tuba with the Queen City Brass Band, where Sam plays cornet. But now he's a much better player than I am. Kathy Haight