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Town's sewer plan on hold

Stallings is temporarily shelving plans for alternate ways to get sewer to its commercial areas.

The town has spent $18,000 on a partial sewer study to help find ways around Union County's shortage of sewer capacity, which is stymieing the town's commercial development. Council member Al Graham asked the council Monday to consider completing the study.

“A lot of times we do studies and sit them on the shelf,” Graham said. “This one is two-thirds done.”

Like much of Union County, Stallings is facing a standstill in development because of lack of sewer capacity.

Stallings officials have said major proposed projects in the town, such as the Grand Asia Market on Potter Road and a high-tech animal hospital, have had problems getting enough sewer capacity to operate.

Earlier this year, the town hired engineer Bob Lyons to study how the town could install its own sewer lines and hook on to Mecklenburg County's sewer system. They've also since learned that Union County may come up with additional sewer capacity in early 2009.

On Monday, other town council members said they wanted to wait until Union County replaced public works director Christie Putnam, who resigned June 10, before spending more money on the sewer study.

In a letter to the town, Lyons said he could do a supplemental sewer study based on Putnam's statement in April that Union County could allocate Stallings 200,000 gallons per day of sewer capacity by extending the county's sewer lines to the town.

Lyons' initial study did not look into tapping into Union County's sewer system.

The supplemental study could cost up to $11,000, based on how much area the town wanted studied.

The council voted 4-1, with Graham dissenting, to table the sewer study until Putnam's replacement is hired.

The county began recruiting to fill her position soon after she resigned.