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Lack of a leash law is a growing danger

This is the second (request) I've sent asking Union County leaders for a leash law due to loose dogs. But again on July 4, there were three loose dogs in my subdivision in Meriwether.

There were two large pit bulls and one large English bulldog running loose up and down my street. The dogs easily came up to people and were friendly. That's until they saw my two dogs, which were on leashes, on my property. My neighbors heard my screams and came over to help keep my two small dogs (both are Australian Shepherds, one 3 years old and the other only 5 months) from being attacked.

Two of the dogs came at me, and one even followed me into my garage as I was trying to protect my 5-month-old puppy….Had it not been for a very heroic neighbor who grabbed a broom and came at those three dogs and kept at them until they left my garage, I don't know where I'd be today.

I have e-mailed, placed phone calls and continue to get the most ridiculous response that Union County does not have a leash law, so neither the police nor animal control will do anything about the dogs unless they are aggressive toward people. That makes no sense to me.

Union County is growing and there should be laws for responsible pet ownership, like simple leash laws: not letting your dog roam around without a fence, ensuring your dog is contained in the yard properly if it's an outside dog, and any other law needed to protect human beings as much as possible from being attacked by irresponsible pet owners.

It's time Union County does something about this. I know I can't be the only person e-mailing or calling about these issues. Please do something now before something really bad happens. Please.

Lynne Strayhorn

Union County

Crime worries in Indian Trail

On a recent night, at about 12:30 a.m., I went downstairs to let the dog out. I was looking out my front window when to my surprise I saw three teens, about 17 to 19 years old, crouching and trying to open the doors on both of my cars. I burst to the front door screaming and chasing them. They vanished into the brush, behind my neighbor's house.

I called 911 and reported the incident. It took 10 minutes for a response. The perpetrators could have run to South Carolina in the time it took for patrol to show.

Another recent evening, two teens walked down my street and began pulling out my sprinkler heads. My wife caught them and also ran after them. My sister, who resides in Brandon Oaks as well, had her car stolen from her driveway.

I have two major concerns. I am also angry and tired of the rhetoric that Indian Trail needs no police of its own, and Indian Trail is a nice, “family oriented” neighborhood.

How can the mayor and council claim we do not need police? Are they blind? How would they feel after their property was stolen or damaged? We are the largest town in North Carolina without a force. Crime is growing as Indian Trail grows…. This beautiful neighborhood is covered in graffiti, trees are being run over, lawns are being destroyed. We lost our basketball net at the pool area because it kept getting stolen. It is ignorance by the ignorant to think we do not need police.

Where are the parents of these children who are wandering the streets past 11 p.m.?

Curfew? Yeah, right. I see more kids hanging out after 11 p.m. than before. Do the parents allow this? Do they care?

This is not this Indian Trail I looked so forward to living in .

This is not the Indian Trail the mayor and the council are thinking of.

Michael McNally

Indian Trail