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Fort Mill woman and her fig tree look to the future

Nell Hucks Lee is a lot like the prolific fig tree she planted 48 years ago in her yard – firmly rooted in the red clay soil of Fort Mill.

Nell has lived most of her 88 years at the corner of Pleasant Road and Highway 160, just west of Fort Mill.

For 47 years she worked two miles down the road as a weaver at Springs No. 1 mill, where her Daddy worked too.

She has seen her intersection grow from when it was a sleepy dirt road and her father ran one of the few country stores between Fort Mill and the Catawba River, Hucks Grocery – with farm fresh eggs, hog feed, and liver mush.

Joe Wade Hucks ran the store and raised 15 children on his farm where the family got their milk and fresh-churned butter from their two milk cows. Joe Wade smoked cigars, farmed cotton and owned about 40 acres at the crossroads once known as Hucksville.

Part of the family land was recently sold to make way for the Harris Teeter, Good Year Tire, Backyard Burgers and Blockbuster bideo across the street. The old Hucks family home site is now home to the new Walgreens drug store.

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