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‘Bachelor' party draws hundreds

Hundreds of young women turned out Uptown on July 24 for a chance to meet the man of their dreams.

An open casting call for ABC's “The Bachelor” was held at Alive After Five, and single ladies came from as far as Richmond, Va.; Myrtle Beach; and Kannapolis to audition – some with their parents in tow for moral support.

It was easy to pick out the personalities applying (average age, 28):

The Vixen in a form-fitting, black satin bodysuit.

The Girl Next Door in a sweet ruffled pink chiffon dress.

The Career Woman still dressed in her work suit.

A pair of sisters even came to try out – now there's a catfight I'd like to see.

Brittney Hayes, 24, of Kannapolis explained while she waited nervously in line that her friends put her up to the audition. Her eight-year relationship ended a little over a year ago. “I'm just taking a risk,” she said.

The hopefuls chatted amiably in line (I think the friendliness ends as soon as a man is thrown into the picture) while waiting for casting producers to take their photo and answering such probing questions as “Why do you want to be on ‘The Bachelor'?”

At the end of the process, it was a swift, “Thanks, that's all.”

In other words, “Don't call us. We'll call you.”