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Like buddy in my hands

I have a new companion in my life.

It's still early on in our relationship – just a little more than three weeks now – but we're already inseparable.

He travels with me everywhere, never far from my reach.

He's sexy. He looks great in black. Though he's a little on the short side, in his case, size doesn't matter. It's his other qualities that count.

When I'm bored, he plays games with me. Texas Hold 'em is one of our favorites. And he's a Sudoku expert, offering me hints whenever I get stuck on a black-belt level puzzle.

When I'm sad, he serenades me with all of my favorite songs.

When my car broke down last month, he called the tow truck for me and quickly located the nearest Toyota dealership.

He's a talented photographer who loves to take pictures of the other love of my life, my 4-year-old Belgian shepherd.

When it's time to get up in the morning, he wakes me with a gentle guitar strum, never getting annoyed when I continually hit the snooze button.

He's a great listener who loves to hear me blather on about work, friends, my apartment. He's already committed 500 minutes a month to me and me alone. Or more than 5,000 if you count nights and weekends.

My friends like him, too. They're always asking me to bring him out so they can see him. At parties, he's a great conversation starter.

He knows everything, from the latest New York Times headlines to the hottest Google searches. (Don't ever play against us in Trivial Pursuit.)

But the best part? When we get lost, he's never afraid to stop and get directions to set us on our way again.

In short, he's the perfect boyfriend.

And while I may be able to upgrade him in the future with faster, smarter, slicker versions, I'll always remember my first love.

His name is Iggy, and he's an iPhone 3G.