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Gay Bingo is Back!

Pull out your Manolos, shine up your Jimmy Choos, and pin that big flower on your coat because Gay Bingo is back!

That's the line from organizers drumming up interest for the revival of Gay Bingo after a two-year hiatus. Sharp-witted Miss Shelita Hamm and her gang of Bingo Verifying Divas, otherwise known as the BVDs, will resurrect the widely popular event that raised nearly $700,000 for the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network over six years of shows.

On Oct. 18, they hope to raise $100,000 for the non-profit that provides education and care for people with AIDS. The draw: a new show riffing on the “Sex and the City” phenomena.

Organizer Nathan Smith says “wigs have been washed and dresses have been ‘adjusted'” for their most inventive performance yet.

“We're very, very excited,” Smith said. “We're going to take it up a notch. It's not just bingo. It's a show.”

“Shelita and the City” will be a little bingo, a little Broadway musical, and whole bunch of wickedness as Shelita and the BVDs perform their own version's of TV show's cast of characters – from prim and proper Charlotte to vixen Samantha. And, yes, there will a role for Mr. Big.

The difference between this year's event and past ones is that Gay Bingo will now be only once a year. Two thousand tickets will be sold for seats in the Grady Cole Center on North Kings Drive. Organizers will also be unveiling a Shelita and the BVDs calendar.

Tickets can be purchased for $25 at Paper Skyscraper, White Rabbit Books, or by calling RAIN at 704-372-7246. Tables for 10 people can also be reserved for $300 through the RAIN office.