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Puppy loses eye in Anson cruelty case

Three juveniles and one adult in Wadesboro are suspected of animal cruelty in the beating of a four-month-old puppy.

The lab mix puppy was discovered Sunday evening by his owner when she returned to her home on Cherry Street in Wadesboro. The puppy had been taken from her property to a nearby vacant home and beaten with “a handle from a sledge hammer, a rock, and a beer bottle,” said Lieutenant T.L. Spencer of the Wadesboro police department.

No warrants have been issued and the suspects are not currently in custody as the police investigation is ongoing.

The owner of the puppy surrendered him to the Anson County Homeward Bound Humane Society on Monday. The dog was then treated at Brown Creek Animal Hospital for severe lacerations, several skull fractures, damage to his eye and lameness in one of his legs, said veterinarian Dr. Danny Wright. The dog's right eye had to be removed.

“That puppy was busted up pretty bad,” Wright said.

The puppy is now at a foster home, as the non-profit organization has no shelter.

“He's doing better now,” said Allison Burke of Anson County Homeward Bound Humane Society. “His foster mom says he's wagging his tail and following her around her house.”

The Humane Society has set up a Photobucket page for the puppy where people can track his progress at Warning: the photos are very graphic.

If you would like to contribute to the puppy's medical fund please contact the Anson County Homeward Bound Humane Society at or call 704-695-3116. Checks can be sent to Homeward Bound Humane Society, P.O. Box 291, Marshville, NC  28103 and put “puppy” in the memo field.