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I'm branching out to more of the county

When someone asks where I live, I usually reply that I live in Stallings, a stone's throw from Hemby Bridge, and I have a Matthews mailing address.

We also are very close to Lake Park and Indian Trail – just off I-485. I don't think the person who asked me really grasps where I live, but they know it is out there somewhere in Union County. Sort of like a crossroads.

That might confuse some folks, but basically we all live close by in these small Union County towns, connected by years of friendships. I guess you have to live here to know and appreciate it. We share churches and schools, potluck suppers and the passing of each day.

For three years, I have had the opportunity to write about people and places of Stallings.

Now, I will embark on a new adventure writing about people and places of Stallings and surrounding towns, including Indian Trail, Hemby Bridge and Lake Park. And I will write about what makes us all one community.

Let me hear your stories. With each one, I learn something from you and pass it along. If there is a sporting event, school happening, interesting person, incredible garden, church gathering or amazing event just around the corner, let me know. E-mail me at: kwilliams@charlotte

If it's important to you, it will be important to someone else.

kim becknell williams