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Is that Mallard Creek with or without Church?

In my debut column two weeks ago, I mentioned how road names can drive us, yes, “cuh- ray-zee.”

Reader Meredith Trunk puts in her two cents worth on confusion in University City about Mallard Creek Road/Mallard Creek Church Road/Prosperity Church Road:

“When I moved right down the road from this intersection 20 years ago, it baffled me, too.

“Even today, morning traffic reporters seem to think Mallard Creek Church Road and Mallard Creek Road are one and the same, because they'll talk about a problem at the I-85 exit for Mallard Creek Road, when no such exit exists.

“It would probably clear up a lot of confusion if Prosperity Church Road could be used for the entire stretch of road from Eastfield Road in the north to University City Boulevard in the south.”

Still, Trunk sees a brighter side: “It's still a lot better than being lost at the intersection of Queens Road and Queens Road.” I'll second that.

Paving work

A stretch of Alexanderana Road in north Charlotte will be closed to traffic Tuesday through Aug. 15. The closure is necessary for grading and paving work.

The road will be closed between Twin Lakes Parkway and N.C. 115, where state road crews were working last week. Drivers will still have access to Twin Lakes Business Park, state transportation officials said.

Road closed 3 weeks

Rogers Lake Road in Kannapolis closed on Thursday so traffic could be converted to a new alignment of the road.

The closure will last about three weeks; the road should reopen on or before Aug. 21.

Detour signs will go up at Klondale Avenue and Mooresville Road to begin the detour and reroute traffic. Only local traffic will be allowed to access areas beyond the designated detour routes.

Details: Mark McGregor or David Lipe at 704-938-1515.

Yuck, red mud

What's going on in the 8000 block of Old Dowd Road in western Mecklenburg, Neal Sparrow wants to know. For about a year, construction has brought mud onto the road, he said.

“They do sometimes wash the road, but then you deal with red mud,” Sparrow said. “Can you tell me what is going on here and how much longer it's going to last?

“I have classic cars and don't like the red dirt or mud and especially the rocks that pop up and scratch my paint.”

Carl Showalter, president of Showalter Construction, said his company has been “reshaping” property there and isn't sure how much longer the work will last. The land may become the site of a steel fabrication storage facility, he said.

“We're doing everything we're required to do. Part of the road control is keeping mud off the streets,” Showalter said. “I'm sorry he's upset, but we're in compliance.”

That's true, said Tim Hampton with the N.C. Department of Transportation.

Old Dowd Road was checked Friday morning, and “they are definitely in compliance on keeping the roads clean,” he said.