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Test your news knowledge

1. Which oil company reported the fattest quarterly profit in history?

A. ConocoPhillips

B. Gulf

C. Exxon Mobil

D. Shell

2. Sen. Ted Stevens, who faces federal corruption charges, represents what state?

A. Alabama

B. Alaska

C. Arkansas

D. Arizona

3. A previously unseen woman's face was uncovered in a painting by what artist?

A. Rembrandt

B. Picasso

C. Van Gogh

D. Michelangelo

4. Professor Randy Pausch, whose “Last Lecture” became an online sensation and a best-selling book, died recently of what kind of cancer?

A. Lung

B. Pancreatic

C. Prostate

D. Liver

5. What syndicated columnist announced his immediate retirement shortly after it was announced he had a brain tumor?

A. Robert Novak

B. Ruben Navarrette Jr.

C. Mitch Albom

D. Dave Barry



1. C. Exxon Mobil's second-quarter profit of $11.7 billion set a record.

2. B. Stevens is from Alaska.

3. C. The painting, “Patch of Grass,” is by Vincent van Gogh.

4. B. Pausch died of pancreatic cancer.

5. A. Novak said his prognosis is “dire.”