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NCDT's Rhoden hits prime time

There was such short notice that many dance lovers may have missed it when N.C. Dance Theatre's Dwight Rhoden landed on TV.

So You Think You Can Dance” the Fox contest show, hired Rhoden – along with the co-founder of his New York dance troupe – to choreograph a pas de deux to John Lennon's Imagine.”

What do you suppose seven to eight minutes of national exposure is worth?

That's what the July 16 show gave over to Rhoden, collaborator Desmond Richardson and the two dancers they put through the wringer.

“They're not joking around with this,” dancer Katee Shean says in the video.

Rhoden and Richardson send Shean and Will Wingfield on flights of the hyperkinetic choreography Rhoden's NCDT audiences know well.

It's so intricate that judge Nigel Lythgoe applauds Shean and Wingfield even as he points out a spot they flubbed. Shean and Wingfield are on the roster for a “SYTYCD” tour that comes to Charlotte on Nov. 12.