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No decision on Weddington sewer plan

By Esther Robards-Forbes

WEDDINGTONThe Town Council did not reach a decision tonight on a proposed private sewer treatment plant in controversial subdivision The Woods.

Because of the large amount of information to be presented by both sides, the meeting was adjourned to 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 18, at Weddington High School.

About 250 people attended the meeting at Weddington High School, many of them carrying signs saying “No Sewer Plant Please.”

IB Development is planning the neighborhood near the intersection of N.C. 84 and N.C. 16. Homes would cost between $1.2 million and $3 million. Reclaimed water from the plant would be used to irrigate lawns and landscaping.

IB Development is seeking a permit to install the private sewer treatment plant after being turned down for Union County sewer access and later a permit for a sewage pump station to send waste to Mecklenburg County. Union County currently has little or no sewer capacity remaining for new residential development.

Many residents living near the proposed development are opposed to the plant because of fears of possible ground water contamination and obnoxious odor.

IB Development presented information touting the safety and environmental friendliness of the system. Legal representatives for the Friends of Weddington, a group of residents against the plant, questioned witnesses called by IB, but did not have enough time to present evidence of their own.

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