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QC prepares to rip Fashion Week runway

More than 15 designers from the QC, Atlanta and New York are scheduled to participate in Charlotte Fashion Week, Thursday through Sunday, Sept. 18-20.

Organizer Anthony Simons, 43, says he hopes the event's mix of fashion, fame (former Charlottean and “Project Runway” designer Carmen Webber is scheduled to participate) and education help the city's growing fashion scene.

Style Editor Rachel Sutherland

Why Charlotte? Why now? It's needed to keep pace with the growth of Charlotte and all the folks that are moving here, and the diversity. …

What kind of response have you received from the local fashion community? Really positive from the folks who have reached out to me. I haven't gone out on a limb to reach every boutique or fashionista in Charlotte, and the great thing is that my phone hasn't stopped ringing. There's been great word of mouth.

What is the motivation behind the workshops? It's about getting those designers to understand what they need to get their business to the next level.

Tell me about Carmen Webber's involvement. (Carmen)'s really excited, and excited about doing the workshops (admission to her Saturday seminar is $35 in addition to tickets). The folks here will be able to hear about getting into the business from someone who's done it, in the renegade, reality-show way.