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Shop smartly at end-of-season sales

Shopping wisely at the end-of-summer sales at many department, mass-retail and boutique stores is a smart, easy way to save money on clothes, shoes and accessories.

We asked Nordstrom fashion director Gregg Andrews what to buy on sale now that might be in style again next spring and summer.

Classic Dresses: Simple sheaths, traditional shifts or figure-flattering wrap dresses can be building blocks of a great wardrobe. Invest in a great dress in neutral colors – white, black, navy – and punch it up with one colorful accessory. One caveat: “A lot of the dresses we saw this season were those extremely long ‘maxi' dresses or ‘day gowns,' and I think those have the potential of looking dated,” Andrews said. “Stick to dresses at traditional lengths – right at the kneecap, with clean silhouettes.”

Tie-dye/ombre: Tie-dye, or dip-dye, patterns popped up as a fun trend in casual wear this season, and it's safe to keep them in the closet for next spring, too. Stick with neutral hues.

Tribal/Ethnic Prints: The safari-tribal-animal-ethnic print trend that was huge this year will transition to next, Andrews said.

Strappy Sandals and Fun Flats: Shoe heights will continue to hit both highs and lows. But it's hard to say how long Roman-inspired, gladiator sandals will stay in style. “With anything too heavy or gladiator-looking, you do run the risk of looking a little dated next summer,” Andrews said.

Metallic Handbags: Purses now feature fewer trendy details and more functional features. Look for a whole new crop of bags with working buckles, oversize clasps, pockets and hinges, Andrews said.

Statement necklaces and bangle bracelets: There's no easier way to add a pop of color to an outfit than an eye-catching necklace. Slide on some arm candy, too, with a bright, colorful bangle. “Any of the bangle bracelets that we saw this season – in wood, bone, shell, acrylic, leather … are always a way to add interest,” Andrews said.