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Gandhi statue coming to uptown

An 8-foot bronze statute of Mahatma Gandhi is being donated to the Charlotte.

The statute will be the central focus of the new “Gandhi Park” on the front lawn of the historic Old County Courthouse at Trade and Alexander streets. The statute, featuring the Indian human rights leader in a classic pose wearing his spectacles and carrying his staff, will be unveiled Oct. 5 at a public ceremony and festival celebrating Indian and Asian culture.

“This is an historic occasion for all people, of all ages, races, religions, colors and nationalities,” said Garry Bhojwani, president of the Charlotte Asian Heritage Association, which is hosting the event.

Gandhi Park will be 80 feet wide and over 100 feet long and have a sidewalk leading up to the statue, depicting Gandhi's famous 241-mile march in 1930 to protest the British salt tax in colonial India.

The gift to Mecklenburg County is part of local efforts to teach young people how one man changed the course of Indian, American and World history through love, dedication, perseverance instead of violence. In addition to helping secure India's independence, Gandhi also helped further the civil movements in United States.