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Buffett suggests suing Edwards over affair

investor Warren Buffett says campaign donors could sue John Edwards.

Buffett, a Barack Obama supporter, said on CNBC that Edwards was misleading donors by denying reports of an affair. Edwards has acknowledged having an affair with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter.

He has a responsibility to the donors who sent in small amounts, Buffett said.

“They sent it in while they were being misled by the person who was soliciting the money from them. You know, I think if I were Edwards, I might give up a haircut or two and refund” contributions to small donors. “Because if they had known the facts, they wouldn't have sent him the money, and he was the guy that didn't give them the facts.”

Buffett said a class action lawsuit by donors might succeed, although he has heard no rumblings of such a lawsuit.

“I've seen a lot of class action suits with less to it than this particular case,” Buffett said.

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Edwards name a disadvantage?

U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards thinks the other Edwards – John, that is – may have hurt his chances of becoming Obama's running mate.

Edwards, a Texas Democrat, said the former N.C. senator's recent admission to an extramarital affair made it difficult for Obama to put him on the ticket.

“I would have to think that a bumper sticker that said ‘Obama/The Other Edwards' might have been a bit difficult,” Chet Edwards said.

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Obama ads returning soon to N.C.

Obama's campaign manager said Monday that the campaign will return soon to the N.C. airwaves. The campaign pulled ads in most battleground states during convention week.

Campaign manager David Plouffe called North Carolina “a central battleground.” He said with its relatively large African American population and large numbers of voting-age young people, the state is one of several Southern targets, including Virginia, Georgia and Florida.

Each of those states went for Republican George W. Bush in 2004.

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Foxx flying back and forth

Charlotte City Council member Anthony Foxx, an N.C. delegate, is getting his frequent-flier miles this week.

After arriving in Denver on Saturday, Foxx was returning to Charlotte on Monday to vote at that night's City Council meeting. Democrats were considering an override of Mayor Pat McCrory's veto of action involving the Belmont neighborhood.

Foxx planned to return to Denver after the meeting.

In case you're wondering: Yes, Foxx is paying for it.

Jim Morrill

Clinton friend backing McCain

Charlotte businessman Mark Erwin, a friend of former President Bill Clinton and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, says he is supporting Republican Sen. John McCain.

Erwin, who backed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, said he did not think Sen. Barack Obama was sufficiently seasoned to be president.

“I'm supporting (McCain) because I think our country needs somebody who has the depth of experience, proven talent and lots of leadership training,” Erwin said.

“Sen. Obama doesn't have any of those things. I think Joe Biden had it right when he said, ‘Some day he will be ready, but he's not ready now.'”

Erwin was a fundraiser and golfing partner of former President Clinton. Clinton named him ambassador to three islands off the east coast of Africa.

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