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New Dharma Lounge has a touch of yoga

The Lynx Blue Line continues to add businesses along the light rail corridor, and with it, more nightlife options outside of Uptown.

One of the first will be Dharma Lounge, part of the Silos at South End, a residential complex at South Boulevard and Remount Road. I met with co-owner Eric Pliner recently to get the scoop.

Pliner, a yogi, told me that dharma in Sanskrit means “to define one's purpose. To find what you do well and use that to help other people.”

Pliner and partner Lora Campbell came up with the name by combining their areas of expertise: Pliner held partnerships in Forum and Tonic, and Campbell has a background in fashion and music.

The 3,000-square-foot space is tentatively set to open this fall. It's designed with an Eastern influence and the decor revolves around such organic materials as bamboo. But Pliner assures me that it's not a place to take yourself too seriously. Their logo does include a headphone-wearing Buddha after all.

He says there will be “no segregation. No VIP sections, lines.”

Instead it will be the kind of place where Pliner teaches free yoga on the weekends. A place that showcases the works of local artists and for the community. And, of course, a place where they clear out the tables for a dance floor.

More venues are planned for the Silos, including Pliner's Local, a bar with a neighborhood-pub feel. For a free membership and tickets to Dharma's grand opening party: