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Hickory police complete probe of Taser use

Hickory Police Department officials say an officer who twice shocked a suspect with a Taser stun gun this month acted within department policy.

In a report released Friday, the department said Officer Lance Bean shocked the suspect for five seconds in each of the two uses of his stun gun. Officers have used Taser probes 70 times in the 4,727 arrests the department has made since January 2007, according to the report.

On Aug. 11, Bean tried to arrest a suspect with an outstanding warrant against him, but the man ran from the officer, according to the department. Bean warned the suspect that he would shock him if he didn't stop, but the man continued to run, and Bean used the Taser on him, police have said. When the man still didn't stop, Bean shocked him a second time and the man fell to the ground, hitting his head on a landscape timber.

Bean arrested Michael Douglas Connor, who was taken to Frye Regional Medical Center for treatment and later released, said Capt. Clyde Deal.