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Petition asks court to halt annexation

More than 100 residents and at least one developer have asked Union County Superior Court to throw out an annexation that would nearly double the size of Marvin.

In June, the Marvin Village Council voted unanimously to annex 1,855 acres, including homes of about 3,200 residents.

The annexation area, off New Town and Crane roads, included several large subdivisions, such as Providence Downs and The Reserve.

Many residents opposed the involuntary annexation and the 5-cent-per-$100 valuation property-tax increase that would result.

They say they didn't ask for the services the town promised to provide, including planning and zoning and contracted full-time sheriff's deputies. Among the petitioners is developer William Nolan.

The petition, filed Aug. 22 in Union County Superior Court, claims the village didn't meet the state's requirements for involuntary annexation.

For example, petitioners say the town's plan to contract deputies doesn't fulfill a state requirement that major municipal services be provided for annexed areas.

The village hasn't filed a response.

But Anthony Fox, the village's attorney, said the village followed all state-mandated requirements.