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The Monroe Public Safety Overlay District proposal, would have prohibited alcohol sales within 150 feet of a city police or fire station, has been withdrawn by a city committee for further study.

It was supposed to be discussed at a public hearing Tuesday. The proposal would have affected eight locations in the City of Monroe, said Pete Hovanec, city spokesman.

The proposal was originally drafted, Hovanec said, in response to concerns by police Chief Debra Duncan about alcohol sales at Blu Moon Café, which shares a courtyard with the City of Monroe Police Department offices on Franklin Street. Blu Moon Café would have been grandfathered under the policy.

The proposal will likely come up for discussion again after more research, Hovanec said. Esther Robards-Forbes

Union County

Union County property owners can expect to receive their 2008 county tax bills soon.

The tax administrator's office is mailing about 105,000 bills to property owners. The deadline to pay is Jan. 5 before interest on the payment kicks in.

This year, the county is collecting taxes on behalf of the towns of Hemby Bridge, Wesley Chapel and Wingate. So residents will receive one tax bill for both the county and the town.

Other towns, such as Monroe, Indian Trail and Waxhaw, are expected to send out their tax bills within two to three weeks.

Mike Torralba

union county

The Union County government Wednesday launched expanded online services to help residents pay their taxes and access other county information.

The services also allow users to comb property records – personal, real and vehicle – and view real estate maps and real estate sales by date, acreage and other criteria. Tax payments for multiple properties can be made at once using a credit or debit card, with a printable receipt available.

The online services, called Electronic Government Solutions, was made by Lyles Data Systems of Florence, S.C.

To use the system, visit the Union County government Web site, and click on Online Services at the top of the page.

Mike Torralba

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