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First week of school is problem-free

The first week of classes was smooth sailing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg's Northeast Learning Community, its area superintendent said.

Scott Muri said there were no major problems. The only glitch was flooding Wednesday, which caused some transportation problems.

“But it was really a smooth start – amazingly so,” Muri said.

Muri said retirement and promotions have led to a lot of principal turnover.

“But we're really happy with the people we have in place now,” he said.

Muri cited Cochrane Middle School.

“It almost seemed to have a prison mentality before,” he said. “But what a change! There are renovated buildings and a whole new atmosphere there.”

When teachers arrived Aug. 18 for the first work day, Principal Valarie Williams had two staff members carry a small casket-shaped box into the meeting room.

Then she asked everyone to write down a bad memory of the school and put it in the box.

“We're burying the past,” she said.

Muri said plans are to revive the Governors Village concept for Vance High, Martin Middle, and Morehead and Nathaniel Alexander elementaries.

“We're meeting this week,” he said Tuesday. “Those plans are moving ahead.”