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Gas service returned to thousands of homes

Natural gas service had been returned to more than 60 percent of the 7,000 southern Mecklenburg homes this afternoon, after crews working in the affected area accidentally cut it off on Friday, Piedmont Natural Gas officials said today.

Meanwhile, technicians have contacted all affected homes, but weren't able to restore service because residents weren't home, spokeswoman Loree Elswick said.

Nearly 200 technicians from as far away as Tennessee fanned the area to return service, making 14,000 visits to homes in the last 48 hours, Elswick said.

“Every available Piedmont Natural Gas employee who is certified to turn on and off natural gas is in Charlotte now, working to get service returned to our customers,” she said.

To cut on natural gas, residents must be home because technicians need to get inside to make sure all gas appliances are working properly, she said.

Technicians left a tag at the door, asking customers to call 800-752-7504 as soon as possible. If you call soon, Elswick said, your service might be restored today.