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Campaign Snapshots | Palin's TV ratings rival Obama's record night

Palin's TV ratings rival Obama's record night

More than 40 million Americans tuned in to see Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speak Wednesday, rivaling the audience for Democrat Barack Obama's address in Denver six days earlier.

An audience of 37.2 million people watched Palin on ABC, NBC, CBS and the cable news channels, Nielsen Media Research said Thursday. PBS estimated its audience at 3.9 million.

Nearly 2 million more women were watching Palin than men, Nielsen said.

Nielsen said 38.4 million people watched Obama speak on the six commercial networks, along with BET, TV One, Univision and Telemundo — four networks that didn't cover Palin's speech. PBS added an estimated 4 million. Associated Press

Graham: McCain's support of surge proves loyalty

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told GOP convention delegates that John McCain's support for sending more troops to Iraq was a key test of his fitness for president. Graham's short, prime-time speech highlighted a nine-year relationship with McCain.

Graham said this week that he deeply admires and respects McCain, and McCain's acceptance of the nomination was an emotional day for him. Pushing for more troops to fight the Iraq war has been central to their friendship, and Graham said it should be a central factor when voters choose a candidate.

“For his honesty, some accused him of being disloyal,” Graham said, referring to the Bush administration's opposition to the idea. “But John McCain's loyalties have always been to his country.” The (Columbia) State

Anti-war protesters briefly interrupt McCain's speech

Anti-war protesters interrupted John McCain's acceptance speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention. The nominee told supporters: “Don't be diverted by the crowd noise and the static.”

Earlier in the night, police arrested protesters after a lengthy series of marches and sit-ins. The arrests came after protesters staged their march near the state Capitol even though their permit had expired. The size of the crowd varied from a high of about 1,000 down to a hundred and back to about 500.

Among the dozens caught up in the police sweep were more than a dozen members of the news media.

More than 400 people have been arrested in the past week, most on Monday, when violence broke out at the end of another anti-war march. Associated Press

Obama campaign touts

$10 million raised in a day

Barack Obama's campaign said it raised $10 million following Wednesday's speech by Sarah Palin. Obama spokesman Bill Burton said Palin's address, laced with digs at Obama, prompted an outpouring of donations from more than 130,000 donors. Associated Press

Campaign calls report of Palin affair ‘a vicious lie'

John McCain's campaign is denying a tabloid report that Sarah Palin had an extramarital affair. “It's a vicious lie,” spokesman Steve Schmidt said.

The campaign is considering legal action, the senior adviser added. The National Enquirer wrote in its Sept. 15 edition that Palin had an affair with a business associate of her husband. He discovered the infidelity and dissolved the business, the article said. It attributed the allegation only to “an enemy” of the Alaska governor.

In July, the tabloid reported that John Edwards, a former Democratic presidential candidate, had an affair with a campaign worker and fathered her baby. Edwards later admitted to having an affair. Associated Press