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Help more deserving dogs

On July 28, Homeward Bound Humane Society of Anson County obtained custody of a puppy that had been beaten with rocks and bottles in Wadesboro.

This puppy, nicknamed Justice, suffered multiple skull fractures, lacerations and leg injuries; and eventually lost an eye.

Since learning of this horrible act of cruelty, the public has been overwhelmingly supportive.

Homeward Bound would like to take this opportunity to thank the many generous people who have provided contributions for the care of Justice. The donations we received were used to establish the Justice Fund. Money remaining in this fund after Justice is fully recovered will go toward the care of other animals that have been abused, neglected or injured.

Homeward Bound also appreciates the offers from caring individuals and families who would like to adopt Justice.

At this time, due to his ongoing medical treatment, it is uncertain when Justice will be available for adoption. Applications are still being accepted.

Thankfully, Justice will have his day in court on Tuesday at District Court in Anson County. If you would like to show your support for Justice and abused animals everywhere, please join us at the courthouse.

Homeward Bound has many other deserving dogs available for adoption whose stories will never be heard. Please visit our Web site at, and consider opening your heart and home to one of these loving pets.

While on our Web site, go to the “Special Needs” page and click on the picture of Justice to see pictures and follow his progress.

Contributions to the Justice Fund may be made online at our Web site, or by mail to PO Box 291, Marshville, NC 28103; please note “Justice” on the check.

On behalf of Justice and mistreated animals far and wide, thank you.

Allison Burke

Vice President

Homeward Bound Humane Society

Address sewer plant issues first

Before making a critical decision (about whether to allow a private, reclaimed-water sewer plant), the Weddington town council needs to understand with some degree of certainty these basic issues: How much well water will be needed to irrigate the entire gated subdivision, run the private sewer system and keep filled the eight acres of sewer-effluent holding ponds? How much well water will be destroyed by dewatering and lowering the water table to accommodate the sewer plant and pump station? And, what are the short and long-term environmental effects of this plan to the surrounding area's potable well water?...

No one developer should be allowed to abuse the town's well water for his own profit. This private sewer plant, treated water holding ponds, irrigation and dewatering plans are doomed to be an environmental disaster when compared to the certain abuse of the natural resource, potable well water. Other than some non-drinkable irrigation water, a sewer system byproduct, there is nothing “green” about this sewer plan.

The town council cannot make an informed decision about this conditional use permit without an extensive, independent study of this development's impact on our common natural resource, potable well water. While North Carolina and Union County cannot and will not protect our well water, the town council can. The Town of Weddington Land Use Plan mandates the protection of our natural resource, well water.

The Weddington Town Council is the last group of elected officials, our neighbors, who have the responsibility and opportunity to protect the health, welfare and property values of the community. All of us in Weddington, especially those of us depending on well water, expect these elected leaders to keep our potable well water supply safe and available.

If you are concerned, join us at and also contact the Town Council of Weddington, your legislators and Union County Commissioners.

Kent Hayes