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Sunset Club gets revamped, goes high tech

Co-owner Sonny Gur says the Sunset Cub in South End (1820 South Blvd.) has changed everything from items as big as a new sound system down to details as small as the glassware.

Why the change? The club is 11 years old and recently changed partnerships ( Doug and Dawn Smyth joined the Sunset team in March), Gur said. I got an early look at the revamped club recently, four months and close to $1 million later.

The Scene: Even though square footage hasn't changed, it feels as though it has doubled in size, thanks to a more open main room and a bigger bar area. Gur said he added about 10 staff members to accommodate the new bar.

Hand-painted acrylic panels by local artist Ron Wimer line the rectangular bar, backlit with the club's new lighting system that changes color sporadically.

Custom-made high-backed booths create intimate, semi-private VIP seating areas.

But what the club's partners are most excited about is Playmotion, a new technology that allows partygoers to interact with different virtual environments via infrared cameras and screens mounted on the ceiling.

The Crowd: It has always been a destination for local celebs ( Michael Jordan and other Bobcats execs have their own humidors) and national artists looking for an anonymous night out. Promotional director Derek Braun, says the club aims to be an ultra lounge – an exclusive nightspot where every single person can a VIP experience (bring your AmEx black card).

Note: It's a private club. Not a member? You need to be a guest. Membership details: