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Ask the Editor, Rick Thames

Q & A with the Editor of The Charlotte Observer

A place where you can ask any question of the editor of The Charlotte Observer.

Movies - Lawrence Toppman

Ask the Observer's critic about movies

Lawrence Toppman, who was born in 1954, has been The Charlotte Observer's movie critic since 1987.

Food Questions and Answers - Kathleen Purvis

Ask Charlotte Observer food editor Kathleen Purvis your questions

Kathleen Purvis writes about food and dining for The Charlotte Observer Food Section. You can reach her at (704) 358-5236 or email

Ask Nancy

Ask Garden Editor Nancy Brachey a question

Nancy Brachey has written about gardening for The Charlotte Observer since 1976.

Fowler on Sports

Ask Scott Fowler a question

Charlotte Observer sports columnist Scott Fowler welcomes your questions on all sports topics, especially the pro and college sports teams of the Carolinas.