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Conservation group targets Dole

An enviromental group has put N.C. Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole on its list of the “Dirty Dozen.”

The League of Conservation Voters put Dole on the list today because of what political director Tony Massaro calls her poor voting record on environmental issues and the fact that she's in a close race with Democrat Kay Hagan.

“Senator Dole's record proves that she's working in the best interests of Exxon/Mobil, not the people of Raliegh/Durham,” political director Tony Massaro said in a statement. “For Chevron, not the people of Charlotte. For the lobbyists of big oil, not the people of small town North Carolina.”

The group's list is bi-partisan. Among the Dirty Dozen: Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

The conservation group has given Dole a lifetime score of 4 percent on environmental votes, Massaro said. Another group, Republicans for Environmental Protection, gave Dole a score of 18 (out of 100) for her environmental votes in 2007.

“There's just a widespread consensus that she does not vote the pro-environmental vote,” Massaro said.

Among other things, the group cites her opposition to the 2007 Clean Energy Act, which among other things raised vehicle milage standards. Dole voted against it.

Dole spokesman Dan McLagan said “Senator Dole has a tremendous record on the environment but she differs with Kay Hagan and the League of Conservation Voters that 75 percent of offshore oil reserves should be off limits for drilling.  If they want to attack her for siding with North Carolinians paying sky-high gas prices, so be it.”

McLagan said Dole has supported millions of dollars for conservation and is working to bring the Tennessee Valey Authority under the Clean Air Act.