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CMS gets another day's bus fuel

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' buses got another day's fuel today, with three trucks arriving as the district's supply was dropping toward empty.

CMS, which runs more than 1,200 buses, burns through 20,000 gallons of diesel a day. Hurricane Ike disrupted weekend deliveries, leaving CMS with one more day's reserve at the end of Monday. Officials canceled some after-hours activities for this week.

Three tankers carrying a total of 22,500 gallons arrived this morning, said Associate Superintendent Guy Chamberlain. And CMS plans to tap 18,000 gallons from the CATS bus system's 100,000-gallon reserve this afternoon, he said.

Industry officials say they're unsure how quickly the supply will be restored from the hurricane-battered Gulf Coast. Even if the refineries sustained no major damage, restarting them can take several days.

CMS officials plan to offer a fuel-supply update at a Wednesday news conference and will decide at the end of the week whether to continue the fuel-saving measures.

This week's cancellations include middle-school volleyball and softball games; after-school, cultural-enrichment programs scheduled to begin at 11 middle schools; and field trips to parks, museums and farms.

High-school sports, after-school programs for elementary schools, Special Olympics and field trips that are part of the curriculum remain open, with busing provided.